How To Submit Your Collection:

Submitting a collection is fast, easy and FREE.
PLEASE NOTE: You must be 18 Years old to submit a collection.
If you are not yet 18, please have a responsible adult
submit the collection for you. Thanks!

1. Send an email describing yourself and your collection (1 to 3 paragraphs, please) to me (Mark) at:

2. Send photos of you and your collection attached to another email (as jpegs) to:

3. I'll combine all the text and photos you've supplied to create a webpage about YOUR collection. That's it! Thanks!

PLEASE READ and be aware of these conditions before submitting your collection:

I (the individual submitting a collection) affirm that I am at least 18 years of age and understand and agree to the fact that by submitting my information to GIjOE Collections, that information may (at the discretion of GIjOE Collections) be used and displayed on the GIjOE Collections website and that it will be freely visible to the public.

I hereby agree to allow GIjOE Collections to freely display and reproduce all or any part of my information plus any or all photographs or other images that I submit to for use on the GIjOE Collections website and in any promotions for the GIjOE website with no monetary compensation (made to myself) whatsoever.

I understand and agree that I will retain the copyright to my own photographic images and that their inclusion on the GIjOE Collections website does NOT signify a transfer of copyright ownership (of those images) to GIjOE Collections.

I understand that I may request the removal of my collection and all of its related photographs and information from the GIjOE Collections website at any time.

I hereby fully absolve and hold harmless GIjOE Collections, Mark Otnes, the Sterling Creative Group, Patches of Pride, Hasbro, the members of their families and all of their associates of any responsibility for any and all possible damage or loss that may somehow occur to myself or any part of my toy collection as a result of my choice to allow my personal information and photographs to be displayed on this, the GIjOE Collections website.

PLEASE NOTE: Submission to and inclusion of your collection on this website
constitutes your agreement to the the terms above.

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