1:6 Scale Action Figure Collections
(listed alphabetically)


Rob "Woozle" Marshall, Australia
Action Man Fan from "Down Under"


SK, Austria
So much stuff, plus 1:1 scale WAFs-n-WAVEs


Alex Ricardo, Brazil
The CLEANEST Adventure Team South of the Equator


Doug C., Canada
Fantastic vintage collection in Manitoba

Robert Hall
Amazing collection

Alex Yu, Canada
Collector turned Dealer


Melvin Sun, China
Beautiful collection and outdoor photos

MK, Hong Kong
Gigantic collection under glass!


Mick Baltes, Germany
Master of Dioramas and Custom Figures


Maurizio Fulignati, Italy
Amazing vintage collection in Italy


Raul, Mexico City, Mexico
Keepin' it MIP in Mexico

Carlos Vargas, Torreón, Mexico
Super Sharp Stuff


"Rainman," Philippines
Filipino collection featured in museum

Puerto Rico

Jose Serrano, Puerto Rico
Absolutely amazing GIANT dioramas


Terence Hoi, Singapore
Master Diorama Builder

Alex Teo, Singapore
Displays collection seamlessly with his home's decor


Roman, Ukraine
A collector from...the UKRAINE?

United Kingdom

Geoff Martin, United Kingdom
Action Man and GIjOE...TOGETHER

John Sander, United Kingdom
The ULTIMATE outdoor display

Lindsay Bailey, Scotland. UK
Action Man Fan living on an island

United States


Dave "Tanker" Matteson, Alabama
Tanker has big plans for the cellar


Jereamy Dixon, Arizona
Collecting Joes in Arizona


Chris Benson, California
Duece and a Half Master

Jeff Goff, California
Amazing customs and photography

Robert H, California
Custom Vehicle Master

Gregory Kelly, California
Great Captain Action and Dr. Evil Diorama

Aaron Luck, California
Adventure Team All the Way

Dan McKee, California
Beautiful Vintage Collection

Roy Trice, California
Incredible 1/6th Scale Vehicles and Aircraft


John Kozin, Connecticut
"Cardboard Chaos" in Connecticut

Walter Cooper, Connecticut
Volunteer Fireman is "CRAZY" about GIjOE


Saul Andres Morales
Master Builder in 1/6th Scale


Bill R., Florida
Stunning Gas Station Diorama Display


Tom Brooks, Georgia
Bringing the RAHs up to 1:6 Scale

Ken Lewallen, Georgia
One word...WOW!


Jamie, Illinois
The BIGGEST Collection?

Joshua Alvarado, Illinois
Chicago Cop's Collection

Scott McCullar, Illinois
GIjOE's Comic Book Artist

Robert F, Illinois
Completist Collector to the MAX

Daniel Feuerborn, Illinois
Amazing 1:6 Star Wars Collection

Paul and Laura Jenkins, Illinois
Amazing customs from the Warlord's Keep

Robert Mitchell, Illinois
Stunning Backyard Batttles

Christopher Tucci, Illinois
Lookin' Sharp in Oak Lawn


Rob Menagh, Iowa
Indoor dioramas and handcrafted furniture


William Sousa, Massachusetts
The Collector Emeritus


Mark Baker, Michigan
1:6 Tiger Tank


Chris S., Minnesota
He found his first Joes in his ATTIC!

Ace Allgood, Minnesota
The man who has EVERYTHING

Neil Schostag, Minnesota
Afrika Korps Customizer


JT, Mississippi
Great use of backgrounds and simple props


Dan Atchison, Missouri
Don't miss Dan's Pyramid!

New Jersey

Bob Vander, New Jersey
The world's only MIP Adventure Team?

BH, New Jersey
An entire Adventure Team collection is just THROWN AWAY

Neil Uricoli, New Jersey
His wife WANTED him to rennovate the Joe Room

New York

Christoph Black, New York
Amazing Diorama Photos

HH, New York
Action Man and the Adventure Team

Joe Iazzetta, New York
Amazing vintage Collection

Matt McKeeby, New York
He's "Livin' the Dream"

North Carolina

Rick Quinby, North Carolina
Huge array of figures


Mike Powell, Ohio
Beautiful vintage collection in professional display cases

Sixth Scale Collectors Club, Ohio
For those who think they've seen it all (you haven't!)

Steven Johnson, Ohio
A REAL American Hero and his collection

Robert Stephen, Ohio
A Marine Shows How it's Done

Jim Wagner, Ohio
His collection "pales by comparison"


Jim Catero, Oklahoma
Cool Custom Figures and Vehicles


Gary Stair, Pennsylvania
Huge Toy Collection

Joseph Benedetto, Pennsylvania
Amazing Handrafted Building Display

Jack Juka, Pennsylvania
Joes, WW2 Memorabilia & More


Paul Nordstrom, Tennessee
An Amazing Collection


Jim Cox, Texas
Indoor Pointe du Hoc Diorama

Greg Brown / LSSR, Texas
Outdoor Diorama Fun

John Hansen, Texas
Everyone's Dream Display

Edgar Murillo, Texas
Army LT collects only the BEST!

Rick Sollers, Texas
Amazing Vietnam basecamp Dio


"G.I.Jay," Virginia
Joe goes Home for the Holidays

Rene B, Virginia
AirAdventurer74 Shows All

Joe Essid, Virginia
Greetings from the "Lost City"

Matt Peregoy, Virginia
Adventure Teamer in Virgina


Art Bouthillier, Washington
Fantastic Customs from Repros

Elsewhere in the U.S.

Mark Wright, Washington, DC
Real-Life Rocket Scientist

Adam Falk, USA
Amazing carpenter creating custom displays

"Tom," USA
The "Rule Maker" collects vintage

Paul W, USA
82nd Airborne paratrooper collects WW2


Markitos Bujanda, Venezuela
Collecting GIjOEs and more in Caracas

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