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Other informative GIjOE and action figure-related websites you should know about!

If there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's that websites come...and websites go. The listings provided on this page are but a sampling of the myraid sites available. Please notify Mark if you find a link that no longer works or if you'd like us to list a new website on this page. And remember, we do not receive (nor accept) any financial contributions for inclusion on this list. The descriptions and opinions are unsolicited and are our own. Happy web surfing!

1:6 Scale Action Figure
Resource Websites
You Should Know About

Learn more about your favorite 1:6 Scale Action Figures
(This is like going to a "Library of Fun!")

Aaron's GIjOE Adventure Team
This is a GREAT reference site dedicated to all things Adventure Team. from fan and collector Aaron Luck.
Find it HERE

Action Man HQ
This is a GREAT reference site dedicated to the vintage Palitoy Action Man of 1966-84. Totally non-commercial, unofficial and fan-supported (like THIS one). Check them out!
Find it HERE

Action Team Germany
Fantastic website from Germany (but written in English) for Action Man fans. Cool!
Find it HERE

The Beachhead
One of our FAVORITE resource websites for all thing GIjOE. Tons of photos of everything you love about Joe. Don't miss this one!
Find it HERE

Captain Action NOW
Find out about the current status of Captain Action at this new website. His trademark is in new hands and it looks like they're getting ready for another comeback. While you're waiting, pick up some cool CA mugs and T-shirts. Awesome!
Find it HERE

Dial B for BLOG
This is a graphics-heavy website, primarily for comic book fans. But one section has some really cool imaginary (i.e. Photoshop creations) Captain Action comic art you have to see to believe. Fun for a few minutes if you're a Cap fan!
Find it HERE

GIjOE Action Soldier
Helpful site full of information on detecting fake GIjOEs, the history of certain vehicles and equipment sets, etc. Fun to browse and read.
Find it HERE

GIjOE Information
One of oldest and biggest websites on the 'net dedicated to GIjOE from "The #1 GIjOE Fan," James Desimone. His content goes on and on, sometimes ad nauseum, but he also sells fun, repro vehicles and accessories that you can't find anywhere else in the world. Worth a visit just for picking up one of those cool repro Panther Jets!
Find it HERE

The Joe Report
The world's premeire news source for all things 1:6 scale.
Find it HERE

JoeWorld Online
Another venerable site for GIjOE collectors. This one is also VERY content heavy and can overwhelm some visitors if they try to check out too much at a time. We recommend you bookmark this one and check it out a few sections at a time to avoid "burnout."
Find it HERE

Karl and Larry's Virtual Headquarters
A great Joe site just to have fun! Karl and Larry have created a virtual AT Headquarters you can visit while learning about the Adventure Team. It's all kind of silly, but does everything have to be SERIOUS? I mean, come on people!
Find it HERE

Old Joes
An amazing website for reference. Oodles of SUPER-SHARP photographs of vintage figures and sets. Wow. You won't believe your eyes.
Find it HERE

RandKL's GIjOE Scale Modeling
Fantastic website for reference concerning working on custom projects in 1/6th scale. Lots of simple drawings and instructions for all types of projects. A great source of inspiration for Joe heads who like to work with their hands.
Find it HERE

Sean Huxter's GIjOE Website
Sean's an amazing 3-D animator who also loves GIjOEs. His website has grown to a huge size and includes reviews, stories, references, and TONS of photos of everything you can imagine. Wait, don't imagine it...visit the site now and see for yourself!
Find it HERE

Toy and Action Figure Museum
That's right. A museum DEDICATED to action figures. You wanna make sumptin' of it? Their site is very bare bones, but it tells you what you need to know and where to go. Up, up and AWAY!!!
Find it HERE

Vintage Action Man
Boy, is this a BEEEEEUTIFUL website. It's features smooth-as-silk flash animations, gorgeous'll just want to STARE at this thing for hours. Have fun, oh Action Man fans while you read all about your favorite 1:6 scale hero. This site is a "DON'T MISS!"
Find it HERE

Vintage GIjOE Ads
This website sells original Joe ads clipped from the insides of old DC comic books. They're mounted and matted and ready for framing. But it's fun to look at all those old ads even if you can't afford to buy them. In fact, go just to LOOK. It's great just as a reference site! Then, if you've got the bucks...
Find it HERE

Small-Scale Action Figure Resource Websites
You Should Know About

Learn more about your favorite Small-Scale Action Figures!
(Because great toys come in sizes other than 1/6th scale.)

Keith Meyer's The Space Station
Great reference site for fans of Major Matt Mason. Complete descriptions, TV commercials, and on and on. Superb Site!
Find it HERE

Major Matt Mason
Another great reference site for fans of 'ol Matt. There's lots to look at here, plus links to suppliers and advice galore. Have fun!
Find it HERE

Super Joe Command Center
Fans of Super Joe will be glad to find this one. Great layout, great graphics, a lot of fun to peruse while you learn about SUPER Joe!
Find it HERE

Wildtoy's Major Matt Mason
Another great reference site for MMM. Plan on spending a lot of time reading this one. NICE!
Find it HERE

Customizers, Repair Shops, Dealers and Suppliers
You Should Know About

Patches, Decals, Custom Uniforms, Gear, Diorama Supplies & More
(Because great toys deserve great detail!)

Patches of Pride
A great site for GIjOE customizers and kit-bashers of all things 1:6 scale. Full of custom cloth patches and decal sets for use with 12" action figures and vehicles, plus assorted custom vehicle conversion kits, gear, weapons and other unique diorama accessories. Free shipping on most orders. Many items are exclusives that cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet. Check them out! (see banner ad at bottom of this page)
Find it HERE

Club Hair for Joe
These guys have been around forever and are still repairing and reflocking old GIjOEs. If you've got a pile of old AT guys with thinning hair, check these guys out!
Find it HERE

Cotswold Collectibles
What list is complete without these guys? They just keep growing and growing. Great place to buy figures, supplies and more (but you know that already).
Find it HERE

Good Stuff To Go
Like Cotswold, these guys seem to get bigger and bigger. They've got figures, supplies, diorama stuff, you name it! Check them out!
Find it HERE

Modeler's Loft (UK)
Fantastic retail outfit for Joe and Action Man fans living in the UK. Great picture reference of a lot of sets. Nice store too, if you happen to over there. Check 'em out!
Find it HERE

Monkey Depot
Great selection, good prices, nice website. We've purchased from them before, no problems. Don't miss the Monkey!
Find it HERE

Old Joe Infirmary (OJI)
One of our favorites! They do it all. Repairs, figures, clothing, supplies, gear, on and one. Another DO NOT MISS!
Find it HERE

Project ARE Action Outfitters
These guys are great. They make custom clothes and accessories for your Adventure Team that you can't find anywhere else. Superb quality!
Find it HERE

Toy Replicas
This is the place to go for replacement parts for Major Matt Mason action figures. Astro Trac tires, Captain Lazer wands, etc. WOW!
Find it HERE

The Vintage Toy Room
Wonderful website selling reissues of the classic Johnny West "Best of the West" action figure line since 1997. There's a lot of great information and product here for collectors. Don't miss this one!
Find it HERE

Discussion Groups & Forums
You Should Know About

Talk to others--about what you love to talk about!
(Groups are available for fans of GIjOE, Dragon, Major Matt Mason, etc.)

The Sandbox
This is the world's #1 GIjOE discussion group. It's a highly-rated, venerable and wide-open Google group with archives of past threads going all the way back to 1995 (so you know it's the place to read and be read). It's also the friendliest place on the 'net to discuss Joes and action figures in general (unless a "troll" tries to stir up trouble) and there are no subject limitations. You can't post photos, but you can post a link to an image you want to share and the gang will find it in a flash. So enjoy!
Find it HERE

The Dragon's Den
This is the exclusive forum for fans of Dragon-Models 1:6 scale action figures ONLY. As you might suspect, they're really serious about detail and some of their discussions may fly right over you, but they're there to help. So jump right in and check 'em out!
Find it HERE

One-Sixth Warriors
This forum caters to the serious detaillers and customizers out there. Nice, clean design, rarely "buggy" or offline. Sign up now and "get ta readin'!"
Find it HERE

The Sixth Division
This forum caters to the hard-core WW2 1:6 realists out there. You know who you are. You love to get that tiny button just right, match that helmet netting perfectly with the original, sew in tiny details that only a microscope can see. You know, the perfectionists! Great forum with tons of helpful threads you can read for months and never catch up. Enjoy!
Find it HERE

The Trenches
This is probably the most popular online forum for discussing all things 1:6 scale. Its main advantage is that you can post photos! Many discussion threads are unique to this site. Check it out!
Find it HERE

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