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Find, join or start a GIjOE / Action Figure Club in your area TODAY. Clubs are a great way to make new friends, learn new customization and collecting techniques, and buy-sell-trade Joe-related stuff. Go Joe!


The Alabama (NORALA)
GIjOE Collectors Club
The local club for collectors in Alabama and Tennessee. Meetings are held in Huntsville, AL. Call Dave Matteson at (256) 684-9000 or (256) 880-3101 for information.


The Southern California Inland Empire Division of the GIjOE Collectors Club
The local club site for collectors in Southern California - Inland Empire Division. Contact Fred Sandoval at (909) 926-9264 or email:


The Colorado Action Figure Collectors Club
Meets monthly in the Denver area. For information call George Carcia at (303) 972-7297 or email him at:

The Colorado 1/6th Scale Collectors Club
Meets at the Toys R Us in Westminister, CO, Fourth Saturday of every month 7-9 p.m. Contact mike Middleton at (303) 766-0361 or email:


The Connecticut GIjOE Collectors Club
The local club for collectors in Connecticut. Their club website's very old (but then, so are the members). HA! Just kidding, guys. Email John Kozin at: for information. Find website HERE


The Cotswold/GIjOE/Dragon Collectors Club

The Cotswold/GIjOE/Dragon Collectors Club isopen to all individuals in the continental United States. Members come together via email and have online chat sessions. They also trade figures and parts, especially Cotswold figures and accessories. Contact Edward Chavez at: or phone at 909/875-1341 for more information.


The South Florida GIjOE Collectors Club
This club meets the 2nd Sunday of each month at different locations. Great website for happy looking bunch of Joe collectors down in Florida. If you live in that region, you need to join forces with these guys ASAPby calling Gregg Pellito at (954) 572-6475 or emailing him at
Find website HERE

The Central Florida GIjOE Collectors Club
The local club site for collectors in South Florida. Contact Cathy Jones at


The Atlanta GIjOE Collectors Club
The local club site for collectors in the Atlanta area. A big city has to have a big club, with big membership and big fun! And this one sure does. The club meets once a month to share a common interest in GIJOE and other 1/6 scale action figures. If you live in the area or are visiting they would be honored to have you attend their meetings. Meetings are currently held at 12 Noon on the second Sunday of each month at "The War Room" which is a hobby store in Duluth. You can find driving directions at their web site. They also meet at Hobbytown USA in Kennesaw on occasion.

One of the best organized local GIjOE clubs in the country, the Atlanta club's roster reads like a "Who's Who" of GIjOE fame. Lanny Lathem, John Ivory, Buddy Finethy, Robin and Skip Are--the list just goes on and on. They're all famous in their own way and you can find them all here, every month, meeting together in one, big club in the "big A." For more information on this amazing group, check out the mighty Joelanta website.
Find website HERE.


The Central Illinois GIjOE Collectors Club
The local club for collectors living in the Central Illinois region. Fun website for Joe-heads everywhere to visit! See how they doing it in the corn-belt. Email Mark Otnes at for more information.
Find website HERE

The Chicago, IL GIjOE Collectors Club
The local club for collectors in the Chicago area. Meets monthly on Saturdays (September - June). For more information contact Kevin Bolger, 510 N. Prospect Manor Ave., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056. You can also call him at (847) 577-8437 or email at: Visit their website HERE.


The Central Iowa GIjOE Collectors Club
The local club for collectors in central Iowa. Contact Mike Walstrom at 504 Marshall, Box 186, Slater, IA 50244. Phone: 515-685-2188.


The Central Kentucky GIjOE Collectors Club
The local club site for collectors in central Kentucky. Meets the 1st Saturday of each month. Call Roy Bowen at (606) 744-1541 for information. Their website is prone to annoying pop-up ads, but the photos show they're heavy into dioramas and "out in the field" photography. Check 'em out and give them a word of encouragement. Bluegrass collectors UNITE!
Find website HERE

The Kentuckiana GIjOE Collectors Club
Meets the 2nd Satruday of every month, 10am. Contact Larry Weiss at (812) 948-5808, or email


The Mexico City GIjOE Collectors Club
The Mexico City, Mexico - GI Joe Collector's Club is great for our amigos south of the border. Contact Carlos M. Santillan by email at: or Ricardo San Martin Fierro at

Adventureos de Accion
Another Hispanic-language internet group for collectors of GIjOE, Adventure Team and Action Man!
Find website HERE


The Minnesota GIjOE Collectors Club
The local club site for collectors in Minnesota. Another site with lots of great stuff for Joe fans in the "land of 10,000 lakes." Check out the photos of all the members checking out Ace's Joe Room. What a collection!
Find website HERE


The Central New Jersey GIjOE Collectors Club
The local club for collectors in central New Jersey. Email Ron Neubauer at: for information.

The South Jersey GIjOE Collectors Club
Recently formed in January of 2002, the G.I. Joe Collector's Club of South Jersey is seeking new recruits to it's membership. From Burlinton County to Cape May County. If you collect G.I. Joe's or 12" Action figures and enjoy building dioramas, please contact them to join the club. 84 Greenwood Dr., Turnersville, NJ 08012. Phone: 856/218-1176, Fax: 609/625-0907. You can email: and/or go to their website.
Find website HERE


The Long Island GIjOE Collectors Club
The local club for collectors in Long Island, NY. New Yorkers sure know their Joes, and these guys have some SERIOUS collections. Check out their website and prepare to be amazed (or saddened, depending on your personality)--HA.
Find website HERE

The GIjOE Collectors Club of Newburgh
They collect Joes from '60s-present. To join to get further information contact Tom Rush at 845/562-7566 (after 8 pm EST).


JOhio, The Ohio GIjOE Collectors Club
This is a big GIjOE club known as "JOhio." This group has been around since 2002 and their website since 2007. There is a monthly dinner on the second Thursday of every month and they have about 6 to 7 large socials a year (geez, these guys are REALLY active). There are over 50 members and to my knowledge it is the largest local division of the National G.I. Joe Collectors club EVER. Their emphasis is on the little Joes, but it's all good, solid GIjOE fun. GO JOE!
Find website HERE

The (Ohio) Sixth Scale Collectors Club (Cincinnati)
A fantastic GIjOE club for collectors in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Find their website with complete information HERE.


The Pennsylvania GIjOE Collectors Club (Philadelphia)
In the Philadelphis area, T. Collins is looking to start a GI Joe/1:6th scale figure club, and would like to hear from people within 25-30 miles of Center City, PA. Please email him at:, or send a postcard to him at 301 Poplar Street, Darby, PA 19023.


The Manila (Philippines) GIjOE Collectors Club
The local club for collectors in the Philippines. Check 'em out and tell Rainman "hello!" from the U.S.A.

Find website HERE


Club De Coleccionistas De Figuras De Accion De Puerto Rico
Here's a great club in Puerto Rico with some really talented members. Check out their website HERE.


The Dallas / Fort Worth GIjOE Collector's Club
This is the local club for collectors in the Dallas/Fort Worth.Texas Area. These guys are very web-savvy, so there's a lot of information about them to check out online. Start by visiting their original Yahoo discussion board HERE, then jump to their official club website HERE and finally, view tons of photos at their new Facebook page found HERE. If all this information whets your Joe-appetite and you want to experience some great Lone Star GIjOE fun, "shoot " Keith Holmes an e-mail at: or club historian Michael Milstead at Yeeeee-HA!

The Houston "Space City" GIjOE Collectors Club
The local club for collectors in the Houston, Texas Area. No website, but they do use and maintain a club forum. It's pretty active, so if you live in or near Houston, jump right in!
Find forum HERE

The "Lone Star Scale Raiders"
The LSSR is Texas based, but a seperate entity from the DFW Chapter of the Collectors' Club. They primarily meet to create vast, outdoor dioramas about every 3 months. Shoot Greg Brown an e-mail if you want to attend a meeting at:
Find website HERE

The San Antonio GIjOE Collectors Club
The local club site for collectors in San Antonio, TX. This is a very active group. They've been meeting monthly since February 1999. They're heavy into diorama building and are featured in the "dioramas" section of this website. If you live in the Alamo City, you'll want to hook up with Rick Sollers and these guys. Contact Rick through his website for more information.
Find website HERE


The Utah GIjOE Collectors Club
The club for collectors in Utah. Members usually meet on the last Saturday of the month. For more information contact Kelly Loveless, 1309 N. 725 W., W. Bountiful, UT, 84087 or phone 801/298-2776.


The Northern Virginia GIjOE Collectors Club
The local club site for collectors in Virginia. These guys know how to have fun with their Joes. Robert E. Lee would be proud!
Find website HERE


The Washington GIjOE Collectors Club
The local club for collectors in the state of Washington. Meets the 3rd Sunday of each month. Email Jason Babbitt at: or visit their website HERE.


The Washington, DC Joes GIjOE Collectors Club
The local club for collectors in the Washington, DC area. If you're moving to or live in that area, we recommend you seek out Mark Wright for more information. Visit his amazing Beachhead website for more information on everything GIjOE!
Find website HERE


The GIjOE Club
This is the BIG one--the national GIjOE club! They're so big they have their own newsletter, annual free figure giveaways, a full Joe shopping area full of unique convention sets and much more. We highly recommend joining at LEAST this organization. A must see!
Find website HERE

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