GIjOE Collections FAQ

Q: Who started this website?
The GIjOE Collections website was created by freelance illustrator, graphic designer and long-time GIjOE collector Mark Otnes (shown at left w/capsule in 1966), currently residing in Urbana, Illinois. Mark is DBA the Sterling Creative Group (SCG) and also operates a custom 1:6 scale accessories mail order business known as Patches of Pride. He's also a member and supporter of both the Central Illinois GIjOE Collectors Club and its larger, nationally-based parent organization, the GIjOE Club.

Disclaimer: Mark Otnes and GIjOE Collections are not affiliated nor associated with Hasbro Toys in any way. This website is fan-driven and a strictly non-profit venture. No subscriptions, fees, dues or advertising revenues are charged or accepted. GIjOE is a trademark of Hasbro Toys. The use of the GIjOE name in the title of this website is for identification's sake only and does not indicate any endorsement or support by Hasbro Toys for the content found on this website. GIjOE Collections reserves the right to edit or refuse any submission if the material is deemed inappropriate for this website.

Q: What is the purpose of the GIjOE Collections website?
Simply put, to enable GIjOE fans to show off their collections. Think about it...There are thousands of beautiful 1:6 scale collections, dioramas, custom figures and vehicles around the world today that no one (besides their lucky owners) ever gets to see. GIjOE Collection's provides us all with ONE central location to display our collections and learn from our fellow collectors.

Q: How do I submit photos and information of my toy collections to be shown on GIjOE Collections?
A: Easy! First, jump to the submissions page found HERE. After you've completed that short form, send us an email with your photos attached. Take your time, get some great shots of your stuff, save the photos as jpeg image files, and email them to us here at Be sure to write a couple of paragraphs telling us about what we're looking at in the photos, about yourself, your collection in general, and anything else you'd like to share. Remember, the more the better. We look forward to adding your collection to this website ASAP!

Q: How much does displaying my collection on this website cost?
Zip. Zero. Nada. Remember, this is a website created BY the fans, FOR the fans.

Q: Can I submit a NON-GIjOE toy collection?
YES! And the reason is simple: we can always learn from other collectors. How someone displays their collection, ANY collection is interesting to all of us. Techniques, shelving choices, space considerations, location, lighting, you name it. We want to SEE it and READ how you did it. Plus, we love ALL toys here and if you collect something other than GIjOE, we want to know about it and help you show it off.

Q: OK, then, what other toy collections are eligible?
ALL types. Yes, this is primarily a website for GIjOE Collections (hence the name). However, we realize that it is common for "Joe-heads" to have overlapping interests in other cool toys (i.e. Hot Wheels, Major Matt Mason, etc.). As a result, we've decided to open the GIjOE Collections website to ALL toy brands. So send it in. What have you got to lose? It's FREE!

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PLEASE NOTE: This website features photos of collections of toy products which are accurate miniature recreations of historical figures, military officials and other individuals, both real and imaginary from AROUND the WORLD, some of which may be related to the Axis powers of WWII. The creators of this website however, and the individuals connected with the manufacture of products shown on this website do NOT endorse nor subscribe to the philosophies or beliefs of Nazism. Photos of specific items or collections shown on this website are provided by, and owned by various toy and action figure collectors, military hobbyists, militaria enthusiasts and history buffs in the completion of their dioramas, personal collections, toy museums and other such miniature 1/6th scale historical displays and are shown here purely for the entertainment of admirers and collectors of such toys---and not for any other purpose. In addition, individual product brand names such as GIJoe, BBi, Dragon, Cy Girls, Sideshow, Dog Soldiers, Geyper Man, Action Man, Major Matt Mason, etc. are all trademarks of their respective owners and their inclusion on this website is not intended to imply any endorsement by such companies of any content found on this website. All original copy, photos, graphics and other uniquely-created images on this website are ©Sterling Creative Group / Patches of Pride / Mark Otnes, 2007. All rights are reserved. Address any questions or comments to webmaster Mark Otnes, at 303 E. Sherwin Drive, Urbana, IL 61802, or Phone: 217-337-1706 or Email: