"A Joe a Day" Adventures Official Archive
Volume 1, 2011 (Weeks 1-52)

As I promised, the "A Joe a Day" adventure serial initially delivered a new panel, EVERYDAY, for the entire year of 2011. And now, the exciting storyline continues into 2012 and beyond (produced as my schedule permits). Thanks to everyone for your encouragement and kind words of support. Enjoy! --Mark Otnes


Week 1, "The Year of the Joe"

Week 2, "Cap Learns the Truth"

Week 3, "North Pole Nightmare"

Week 4, "Photographic Proof?"

Week 5, "A Grim Discovery"

Week 6, "Tracking a THING"

Week 7, "Attacked!"

Week 8, "Stand Together, Die Together?"

Week 9, "Kato's Stare-Down Showdown"

Week 10, "Cap Returns"

Week 11, "Welcome Home...You're WANTED!"

Week 12, "Return of the Commander"

Week 13, "Testing the Men"

Week 14, "Asking for Help"

Week 15, "German Guy's Inspection"

Week 16, "Handing off the Football"

Week 17, "Leaving for Area 61"

Week 18, "Too Many Hot Wings"

Week 19, "LT and Gunny Arrive"

Week 20, "R&R in the Rec Hall"

Week 21, "The Briefing for Project Hercules"

Week 22, "The Air Adventurer"

Week 23, "An Eye in the Sky"

Week 24, "Gearing Up to Go"

Week 25, "Checkpoint 1"

Week 26, "The Storm"

Week 27, "How the Mighty Have Fallen"

Week 28 "Time to Improvise"

Week 29 "Roscoe Rickenbacher"

Week 30 "The Flying Man"

Week 31, "Ace of the Air Cav"

Week 32, "Searching for Eagle Eye 1"

Week 33, "Rescuing the Rescuer"

Week 34, "Gettin' Guff from Gunny"

Week 35, "Poser or Spy?"

Week 36, "Gunny Goes Down"

Week 37, "Lock Him Up!"

Week 38, "Checkpoint 2"

Week 39, "Enter...Aurora!"

Week 40, "Flirting with German Guy"

Week 41, "Time Travelers"

Week 42, "Dire Warnings"

Week 43, "The Dark Rider Attacks"

Week 44, "Gunny in the Brig"

Week 45, "A Second Chance"

Week 46, "The Biggest and Baddest"

Week 47, "Auf Wiedersehen, Meine Herren!"

Week 48, "Is This the End?"

Week 49, "Enter...the Adventurer"

Week 50, "A Time to Scream"

Week 51, "Back From the Dead"

Week 52, "The Training Towers"

"A Joe a Day" Adventures Official Archive
Volume 2, 2012


Week 53, "Relieved of Command"

Week 54, "Carter Seeks Answers"

Week 55, "German Guy's Surprise"

Week 56, "High Speed Pursuit"

New episodes to be posted here soon!

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