Patches of Pride TraderBucks

What are TraderBucks?
The term "TraderBucks" refers to the amount of store credit we will offer you in exchange for items you trade-in to us. It's the age-old "fan-to-fan" system of bartering, in which NO MONEY ever changes hands. This is a very popular program with our customers. And yes...TraderBucks are good towards EVERYTHING we sell on this website!

What items do you accept in trade?
Currently, we're accepting 1/6th scale action figures, uniforms, accessories, weapons, vehicles, boxes, etc. All brands are welcome. We also accept other types of old toys, games, comic books, record albums and miscellaneous household items from the 50s, 60s and 70s including vintage radios, cameras and old electronics.

OK. What do I do first?
It's always best to begin by contacting Mark via
e-mail or telephone. That way, you can discuss the trade items you have with him in person and whether or not you should bother packing them up. Of course, PHOTOS are very helpful, so please take some quick pics and attach them to an e-mail. That way, everyone's looking at and talking about the same things.

What happens next?
Once we've seen and discussed your trade items, we'll make you an offer of our TraderBucks (store credit). If you agree, the rest is easy. Simply pack it all up and ship it with some method of tracking (insurance or confirmation) to:

URBANA, IL 61802

When your package arrives, we'll contact you via e-mail and provide you with your official TraderBucks code number.

How do I use my TraderBucks code number?
That's easy! When you place an order (for anything we sell) and you're ready to check out, simply enter the TraderBucks code number into the "Customer Code" box of your shopping cart order form. The amount of your TraderBucks store credit will automatically be deducted from your order's total.

Any terms or limitations?
Yes. Please remember the following:

1) When you've used up the total amount of your TraderBucks store credit, that code number is automatically deactivated.

2) You must pay for shipping your box of trade items to us. And if, for any reason, you change your mind and wish the items returned, you must also pay for the return shipping (in advance).

3) There is a ten (10) day limit on requests for returns of trade items.

4) There is NO time limit or expiraton date upon which you must use your store credit, so please don't feel pressured to make a hurried purchasing decision.

Thank you for your interest in TraderBucks and we hope to hear from you soon!