1:6 Scale Diorama Accessories- TOOLS

ABOVE- Army mechanic working on something with a really BIG wrench. And yes, there are wrenches even bigger than this one. Wow!

DESCRIPTION (Please read):
The items featured on this page have been custom-sized to perfectly fit the 1/6th scale of 12" action figures such as GIjOE and Action Man. Each is constructed of high-quality materials and is shipped complete (as shown), fully assembled and ready to use.

The action figures and other props shown are for scale demonstration purposes only and are not included.

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1/6th Scale
Trenching Shovel

Amazingly detailed and perfectly sized for use by your 1/6th scale troops when digging their trenches or building "doz bunkahs." Real metal and wood construction. Paintable. Tell your Joes to get to work. "That hole won't dig itself, ya lazy loafer!" HA

Actual tool measures 7.5" long.


Item #TOOL1, $9.95 (plus s/h)

1/6th Scale
Crosscut Saw

Fantastic 1 or 2-man crosscut saw, perfectly sized to 1:6 scale. Real wood and metal construction. Set up either one or two men using this mini-masterpiece. It might even be able to cut wood! All together now..."I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK!"

Actual tool measures 7" long.


Item #TOOL2, $9.95 (plus s/h)

1/6th Scale
Aircraft / Vehicle
Adjustable Wrench

Amazing, solid stainless steel miniature wrench, perfectly reduced to 1:6 scale. It has real working, adjustable jaws too! Great for working on BIG stuff like 1:6 aircraft, tanks, vehicles or large equipment. PLEASE NOTE: This is a REAL tool. It's just that it's tiny-sized for Joes. Superb quality!

Actual tool measures 2.5" long.


Item #TOOL3, $12.95 (plus s/h)

1/6th Scale Action Rake

Solid metal and wood construction. The handle is a full 11" long and ready for some serious "rakin' action!" Give one to a villager or maybe a military figure who's been put on leaf raking duty. HA

Actual tool measures 11" long.


Item #TOOL4, $8.95 (plus s/h)

1/6th Scale Sawtooth Shovel

Cool variation on the standard pointed-tip spade. This one features a "sawtooth" edge for quick trimming of limbs, etc. It's also a nice replacement for missing Jeep or other vehicle shovels. We'll ship it to you as is (brown metal with unpainted shaft. You can paint it to match your vehicle if desired.
Actual tool measures 6" long.


Item #TOOL5, $8.95 (plus s/h)

1/6th Scale "Action Hoe"

Exciting 1/6th scale hoeing action for all your Action Peasants and Adventure Farmers! Great for dioramas of homesteaders and other "sodbusters" workin' the soil, trying to make an honest dollar. Or...how about a drug trafficker tending to his hidden poppy fields somewhere in Afghanistan? How you use this dangerous "foe of the soil" is up to you! Solid wood shaft and real metal blade. Remember...Let no dandelion remain standing. Attack!
Actual tool measures 11" long.


Item #TOOL6, $8.95 (plus s/h)


1/6th Scale Bungee Cord
Tie-Down Straps

Perfect for any 1/6th scale vehicle, backpack or other purpose. Each measures 5" from metal tip to metal tip when laid flat and stretches all the way to 7 or 8" when pulled tight. Choose between (3) different colors including: black, brown or tan. The hooks are little and nicely scaled for all Joe stuff.


Bungee Cord Cargo Strap
(Please specify color when ordering.)
Item #TOOL7, $2.95 each (plus s/h)

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1/6th Scale Mechanic's Creeper

This is the final touch to any repair shop diorama. Solid metal frame, padded cushion and tiny little caster wheels that really work! Your mechanic should work on your vehicles in comfort.




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Patches of Pride products are manufactured in 1/6th scale for use with 12 inch action figure toys like GIjOEs--not for use on full-size real uniforms worn by human beings. These products are accurate (miniature) recreations of historical artifacts, some related to the Axis powers of WWII. Patches of Pride / Toylectibles / Sterling Creative Group however, and the individuals connected with the manufacture of these products do not endorse nor subscribe to the philosophies or beliefs of Nazism. Quite the contrary. Our miniature products are intended for the use of FREEDOM-LOVING toy and action figure collectors, military hobbyists, militaria enthusiasts and historians around the world in the completion of their dioramas, or other such miniature 1/6th scale historical displays---and not for any other purpose. We do NOT sell nazi-related merchandise to customers with addresses in Germany. The use of photos in this website showing vintage GIJoes or Barbies or other such toys, or the GIjOE, Hasbro, Mattel (or other) logos is not meant to indicate an endorsement by any of those companies.

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