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The items shown on this page are all 1-sided, high-quality MINIATURE cloth hood flags for use with 1:6 scale vehicles used by (12") action figures such as GIjOE, Action Man, Dragon, etc. Each flag is a scaled-down replica of the the real thing and is available in your choice of 3 sizes (see complete details below) and includes 4-6 metal grommets and lanyards. Each flag is shipped flat and fully protected.

During Germany's early years of air superiority, hood flags were tied across the hood, turret or spare tire of a vehicle in order to make it easier to identify from the air. It was hoped that the Luftwaffe would see the flags and not fire upon their own forces by mistake (aka "friendly fire). Hood flags were also a method used by various groups to "dress up" vehicles for parades or to show pride in their organization. Clearly, not all sizes of hood flags were used by all groups. Please research your subject to ensure that you select the most appropriate size for your vehicle.

As WW2 went on, hood flags were seen as big, colorful targets for strafing P-51 Mustangs and Thunderbolts to zero in on and so their use was abruptly discontinued by the Germans. Later however, when the Allies achieved full air superiority, they too, began to use hood flags for the same reasons-- protection from friendly fire, parades and pride!

In later conflicts (Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm), hood flags continued to be used as a way of cheering on the troops or marking the beginning and end of a convoy. Today, they are used in parades and celebrations.Ooh-rah!

Flags vary in size due to shape and usage. Here are our size options:

STANDARD (jeeps, etc.) hood flags are approx. 3" x 5"

LARGE (trucks, halftracks) hood flags are approx. 4.5" x 8"

GIANT hood (tank and armored vehicles) flags are approx. 8" x 10"

Please note that these sizes are the average. Some flags may be slightly larger, and some may be slightly smaller (depending on their specific shape and design). Most flags will fit within these dimensions, but there are exceptions.


(3" x 5") 1-sided
(includes 4 metal grommets and 4 lanyards) $10.95 (plus s/h)

LARGE (4.5" x 8") 1-sided
(includes 4 metal grommets and 4 lanyards) $14.95 (plus s/h)

GIANT (8" x 10") 1-sided
(includes 6 metal grommets and 6 lanyards) $24.95 (plus s/h)


HJ Bannfahne
[Hitler Youth]

HJ Gefolgschaftsfahne
[Hitler Youth]

HJ Organisationfahne
[Hitler Youth]

DJ Fahnleinfahne
[Hitler Youth]

Luftwaffe Command


Luftwaffe Commanding
General v.1

RAD House Flag

Hausfahne SS

NSDAP Hakenkreuzfahne

Balken Cross

Luftshutzverbund Flag


DAF Factory
Parade Flag

Red Cross
Male Readiness

JUTLAND Anniversary
War Ensign

Canadian National Flag

French National Flag

British National Flag

Australian National Flag

48-star WW2 U.S. Flag

50-star Modern U.S. Flag



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PLEASE NOTE: If you want to create custom 1/6th scale figures depicting really EVIL forces for your heroes to battle, you can't get any worse than WW2 German soldiers of the Schutzstaffel or "SS." These genocidal murderers were clearly the "Worst of the Worst." We urge you to learn more about the TERRIBLE atrocities committed by such German forces (especially the SS). The incredibly high level of human suffering caused by those men must NEVER be forgotten. To begin, we recommend you visit the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website FOUND HERE. Thank you.

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