Patches of Pride 5-Star Gift Certificates

DESCRIPTION: These are paper gift certificates which are redeemable for all merchandise and services provided by Patches of Pride. When you order our gift certificates, we fill them out by hand with the names and amounts you specify, then mail them to the address you provide.

The recipient can then enter his (or her) special code number that is written on each certificate when placing an order using our website's convenient online shopping cart system. The amount corresponding to that code number is then deducted from the purchase total.

Unlike modern gift cards and their magnetic strips that can degrade and lose data, our gift certificates have NO EXPIRATION DATE and your loved one doesn't have to worry about hurrying to "use them up" quickly. When they're ready to use them, they'll have them. ONLY when the purchased amount is depleted is the code number deactivated.

Great gift idea for ALL customizers and fans of 1/6th scale action figures!

5-Star Gift Certificates
You specify the amount, $10 minimum, please. (shipping is FREE to all addresses within the U.S!)

TO ORDER a gift certificate for your loved one, please provide the following information:

NAME of the person receiving this certificate:

MAILING ADDRESS to send this certificate to:

AMOUNT of Gift Certificate:




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