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Mark: My order arrived today. Thank you for another smooth transaction. The medic, MP and UN armbands are all superb! I just finished putting the medic armband on my CY Girl Perfect Body special ops medic kitbash figure and she looks 10 times better with the armband. I'll be using the remaining armbands on pending custom/kitbash figures (provided I have the time). ----Chung K.

2 Hello Mark. This is just to let you know that I safely received the 2 armbands today. I'm very impressed with the fast delivery & the items themselves are very impressive. They will enhance my Dragon 1/6th figures very well. Thanks again & all the best----K. Slade

3 Hello Mark, I'm not sure when this is from, but I did order some armbands and have received them already. They are awesome! I am going to order some more tomorrow night. Myself and a coworker are going to combine our orders. Great stuff dude!---D. Gamache

4 The MP armbands are great. I got two MP's "keeping patrol" of my PC desk. : )---Chung K.

5 Just a quick note to let you know that my order arrived today... I'm really impressed by the armbands and will be back for more items soon. Thanks for the great service and fantastic product..... (looking forward to the WW II German cuff title bands!!) Cheers,---M. Jackson, Australia

6 I got my custom UN armbands (green fabric with the blue UN World Flag on them) & my white UN waterslide helmet decals (which I placed on blue-painted helmets & ball caps), from Patches of Pride today. They are well worth the price paid.---I. Juriet

7 I just got the armbands I ordered from you an they look great. Keep up the good work. Thanx, --Scott

1 I came to you guys because I've used your products in the past and I am extremely pleased. I can think of no other company that could pull off what I am am asking for as well as you can. Thank you.---C. Hankins, Bakersfield CA

2 Mark, fantastic job on the "Hell Mary's" patches. I am truly impressed. Thanks again.---F9FPanther2

3 I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am at the job you did producing the Air Force patches I requested. Your reproduction of the WWII USAAF 5th Air Force shoulder patch was stunning! The USAAF/USAF shoulder patch is excellent as well. Thank You!---W.Lambert

4 Mark, I got the revised NYPD patches today. WOW! You really nailed it. They look great. Technically speaking, your first patches are probably "correct" by having the outer writing area blue instead of black, but it's one of those situations where, in person, the color is so dark that just making it black "look" right.

5 I can't thank you enough for the excellent customer service, so I put in some good words for you in the Sandbox and at Phil's Joe Traderbase. Thanks again. Take care.---Ray, NYC

6 I recently had PoP do some AT water slide decals for a motorcycle project I was finishing. The decal set makes them look like they've been painted. Very nice finishing detail.---Kent

7 THANK YOU MARK!!! I really appreciate your effort and amazingly quick turnaround!! Without them, I wouldn't have been able to finish this [project].---Rex Adams

8 Mark, Talked to my buddy John for an hour last night. The custom action figure, your custom patches and the custom box were all a BIG HIT! He talked about all the detail & loved the custom packaging.----Robert

9 Hey Mark, I got the custom decals and they look great, Thanks a lot I really appreciate it. They surpassed my expectations and are exactly what I'd hope for. I've got another custom job that I want to send your way. I look forward to working with you on the next project!---Dave

10 Hi Mark, Just wanted to thank you again for your excellent work. I got the custom patches yesterday. A special thanks for all the extras.The "Mayne" name tags made me laugh. It is always a pleasure to do business with you.---Hylton Mayne

11 Hi, I received the insigna today. Amazingly fast work and superb besides. Thank you.---Robert

Just a note to say thanks for the brilliant service.I'm very pleased with the items that I have brought from you and will be purchasing more in the future.---L. Batten, UK

2 Dear Mark, Today my order arrived, your patches and decals are VERY detailed! Great stuff! I like that you attach a detailed instruction sheet to every decal and patch and ship at normal shipping rates. Again, your products are of great quality!---F. de Nes

3 Hi Mark! Order received today, many thanks indeed for the items and for great service as usual!---Martin

4 I just wanted to thank you for the extras you threw in with my order. I really do appreciate that kind of customer service. Plus the quality of your products are outstanding! Thanks again and I will be ordering more in the future. :) ----N. Touvell

5 Thank you for all the help with my order. Your service was above and beyond the call of duty---#1 in service! I plan to be a long time customer. Many thanks.----D.S. Thomas

6 Hey Mark!!! I like doing business with you. you always take care of your customers. Getting ready to do my schwimmwagen so I will be ordering the deluxe it for that and German accessories for my men soon.----J. Domingue

7 Thanks for the info and the extra decals. I really appreciate it. You really do have the best customer service of any 1/6 product dealer, by far.----R. Ursus

8 Hey Mark, I really appreciate your products and the way you handle your business!----M. Jarrett

9 Thank for your great customer service it's service like yours that keeps customers happy and I will do business with you in the future.----S. Romanelli

10 I did a great trade a while back, with Mark for some POP credit and received a very impressive decal, flag and seat cover set for my WWII German Motorcycle/Sidecar. This set turned my 21st Motorcycle into a work of art. Thanks Mark! Cost: 10 (10 great to 1 poor) Selection: 10 ,Shipping: 10, Packaging: 10, Speed: 9, Cust. Serv: 10---R. Jazz

11 Hi Again, I am just saying thanks very much for the speedy and very informative email that I received from Patches of Pride...I shall continue to use the site and recommend the site to my friends. ...Rest assured that I am in awe at the service that your company has provided and once again, thank you.---Jasquith

12 Not only does Mark at POP make great products, but he's TOTALLY committed to satisfying his customers. I got some patches from him and I was kind of anal about what I felt were some colors that were off. I figure I'll return them, get the credit and order some other decals I wanted. I contacted him to let him know. Well, not only does he tell me to just keep the patches, AND he'll send me the additional decals for free, but then he goes ahead and CHANGES THE PATCHES to fix the color and THEN sends me 6 of these patches - FREE! He told me he was only concerned with keeping his customers happy and boy he didn't lie. Great product, great prices, great customer service and Mark - a great guy! Thanks Mark.---Ray, NYC

13 Hi, just received some helmet decals and patches from you. I am very, very impressed with your quality and excellent customer service!! Could not believe how fast it arrived! ...Thanks alot, you guys have been GREAT!---J. Shockey

14 That new stuff looks AWESOME! Putting an order together right now! I have ordered from you before and I am more than pleased with the quality of yer product and your customer service!!!! Keep up the good work!---Jay

15 This is really amazing customer service, I salute you!---WJC Smith

16 I have just completed the final installation of the instrument panel decals and exterior decals for my 21st Century Toys AH6 Littlebird Helicopter. The results of the final product are nothing less than spectacular. These two products alone transform this toy into something so real that a photo just might fool you. I felt I had to write and share the results and more importantly to thank Patches of Pride for developing such a high quality and unique product line. Not only are the decals top quality but the step by step helicopter disassembly instructions are superb as well. I can also appreciate the careful cardboard backing and wax paper hand wrapping of the decal sets. All hand packaged. No robots putting this stuff out! This step truly shows the dedication that goes into each quality product. I also felt in necessary to especially thank Mark who went far out of his way to make sure that the customer was completely satisfied. This level of service is all but extinct today. Many thanks to all. I am completely satisfied and am spreading the word of your products like wildfire.---K. F. Daly, Connecticut

17 Wow Mark. I never expected such a nice letter back from you. I am extremely impressed and full of gratitude. Thank you for the time you have taken to write back to me. I'm not a very handy person so I really won't be able to cut the patches myself, but I'll find someone to help me do so. I really appreciate your level of customer service and I will show your product and tell my little story to all of my Joe collector friends.

18 Please do not get me wrong, I greatly appreciate the refund, but more so am impressed by how customer-oriented your company is. This to me has won me over as a customer. I will never hesitate to call you with questions and order more items. In fact, this first order was just a test run for me. I have tons of Joe vehicles and outfits that need parts, pieces, decals, and other patches. Now that I know exactly what to expect I am sure I will be totally satisfied with each order I place.---M. Holub

19 I was VERY pleased with your quality and speedy processing of my last order (first time buyer). I suspect I'll be a "regular" now! Thanks very much for the great product and excellent service. I will recommend your business to others as well.---M. Delvecchio

20 I ordered a decal set for my humvee on Monday morning, and I got the set TODAY!!! Talk about FAST service!! I looked through their catalog and I know what I want next.....The Combat Laptop!!!---Joe

21 Just received package. I like the way you packaged it. I plan on doing business again with you!! Thanks,----M. Gonzalez

22 Hi guys!!!!! Just a short note from a gi joe nut to say YOUR SITE ROCKS!!!!! Now that my son's a fan too ,we'll be back often to shop for those collectibles I haven't seen since I was a kid...thank you, thank you, thank you! Talk to ya soon!---J. and P. Tarricone

23 I received my order from you yesterday. Thanks a million. I'll keep checking your site for more items. In other words "I'll be back." Thanks again.----G. Barker

24 Great googly moogly! Talk about wanting to please the customer! This is even more impressive than how 21st has been doing the changes to their sets in response to customer critiques (bein' nice to all you whiners ;-D )! Most kewel. Patches of Pride made some changes last week when Andy Bauer and I asked about woodland and desert enlisted stripes for their line of USAF patches. At least somebody else out there is listening to us! Woo Hoo!---J. Griffin

25 I got my envelope tody-you are the Man,sir! I applaud your business practice and customer service-and I will be recommending you to my friends! Thank you-you made my day with those extras!---Dave Causey

26 Dear Mark, My items arrived today. Thanks a lot, great stuff as usual. Thanks also a lot for the extras.Very commercial attitude of you because not all sellers are like you on the net. Thanks once more Mr Mark the Gentleman.Best from---FRISON Christophe, Belgium

27 I just received my order and I am more than pleased with my purchase. I really appreciate the extra patches as well. It's customer service like this that makes people come back to do more business. Thanks again, good luck and Ill be dropping by again some time soon.---J.Torres

28 Hi Mark, I want to THANK YOU for the note and for the FREE decals and patches. That was a GREAT surprise!! All the freebies must have totaled over $10.00. Your stuff is still the best out there. Your decals and patches allow us Joe enthusiasts to take the hobby to a whole new level. When I apply your products to helmets and jackets, I still find myself saying "WOW", even after all these years!!---Rich Fisher

29 Hey Mark, My order arrived today, and I just wanted to thank you for you generosity. Not only did I receive my order - US flags and AT symbols - but several additional US flags and some divisional patches. I will most definitely put these to good use! Your Sea Sled windshield looks awesome, and completes a custom fixer-upper I've been working on for about a year. I am looking forward to improving some older vintage AT jumpsuits. Again, you gave me more than I ordered, and I really appreciate that. I've been collecting vintage GI Joes for about 15 years now, and again and again, from eBay to Adventure Gear and now your company, I'm reminded of the basic goodness of people. Joe collectors will go out of their way to help out another collector. It's really great to see that. Thanks again, and I'm sure I'll be placing another order with your company in the future. Sincerely,---Ken Lex

Hello, I recently purchased some smoke grenade decals from you,I am very pleased with them,they are excellent !! ----Mark [England]

2 I have already bought many of your helmet decals and they are superb. I'm currently working on a 3rd Infantry Division soldier and am in need of quality looking helmet decals. After using your products, my days of making home made paper decals are over.----R. Fisher

3 You probably remember me from several years ago before you had Marine decals for the little bird. I sent you different pictures of Marine helicopters and their paint schemes and markings and you sent me a set of Marine Corps water-slide decals for my 'Bird'. I still have it in my office, everyone still remarks about what a great model it is. I always tell them right off that you made the decals for me. Thanks!---J. Pelot Jr. USN, Ret., Naval Medical Education and Training Command, Bethesda, MD

4 Hi, Mark, just a note of encouragement and appreciation; the helmet decals arrived and I have installed them and they are great! Worked exactly as I hoped, and the appearance is better than I expected. I wanted a medic with a rough cast helmet, and when applied, your decals let all the nuances of the bumps and protrusions show through--just as I wanted. Your products, whether patches or decals are exemplary--the best I have seen and used. Keep up the good work.---J. R. Krebs

5 Hi Mark! I've received your shipment yesterday. Well, I'm very happy. What a good work. The combat decals for the SS helmet are stunning! And the Cuff Tabs too... Very good quality. Thank you!---D. Tamponi

6 I did place AT decals from Patches of Pride on the new yellow hummer (pictures below) and it is awesome. Joe can cruise the streets in style honking his horn at awestruck kids, lights blazing a trail ahead.----Scott Beckmann

7 Hi Mark, I just thought I would let you know that I applied the decals to my M998 and they really look great!----Greg

8 Hey, Mark. Finally had some time and finished applying the AT helo decals. They look fantastic!! Will definitely look forward to PoP assistance with my next AT vehicle conversion.----K. Bruce

9 Hi Mark! The scar decals I recently ordered from you are awesome!! Excellent instructions too!----S. Phillips

10 Hi mark, got the stuff today. I really like the Sgt. stripe patches for the uniform and the brighter yellow on the Sgt. Rock helmet decals really stands out. And thanks for the extra helmet decals, I really appreciate it.----B. Pagan

11 Got the decals today, and they turned out great! Many thanks---J. Stevens

12 Just a short note to say thanks for some great water slide decals. You sent me 3 round AT logos and a reduced version of the AT helo tail boom decal for an AT dirt bike I was doing. Well, I just got around to finishing this project today and in spite of the fact that I hadn't worked with water slide decals for a couple of decades, your instructions made installation painless. But best of all, they look GREAT!! Once I get my AT Schwimmer and Helo painted, I'll definitely be placing another order. Thanks again.---Kent

13 I was delighted to see the WWII German motorcycle and sidecar decals etc., on your website. And am pleased that the set you did for me will have been the first off the production line! Regards, ---K. Capstick-Dale, South Africa

14 Thanks Mark for your speedy response and credit on my next purchase. I've started putting the smoke grenade decals on the 21st Century smoke grenades and they look really awesome. My wife even thought they were really cool. Thanks again for a fun product---S. Boyle

15 Hi Mark,...the decals look great, I couldn't be more pleased with them. Now if only I had some free time to finish up my MUTT and apply the decals. You will most definitely be getting my business in the future as well as some finished shots of my MUTT. Thanks,---E. Hill

16 Your decals for the MUTT were fantastic.---Ramon

17 I have installed my MUTT decal set as per your instructions and must say I am very pleased and impressed with the quality and realism it gives. I hope to purchase more sets in the future to add detail to my expanding collection of 12" military figures, accessories and vehicles. Thanks for your great product and service!---S. Hiller

18 I have received my order [LAPD decal set] and it looks great. I can't wait to get the paint job going on my police vehicle so I can start applying the decals. I can't thank you enough for doing such an excellent job. My thanks to all involved.----C. Demareski P.S. Orders for additional sets of these decals may be forthcoming soon!

19 First off let me just say that you guys are putting out some terrific stuff. And you just seem to get better and better. I am the guy who commissioned the LAPD cruiser decals way back when, and I have finally finished the paint job on my custom SWAT Hummer. I put the decals on and it looks great! I will try to send you some photos. I also recently purchased your new SWAT decal set and LAPD should patches (something I think I also was bugging you about). They are the greatest. I bought five pairs of patches and my LAPD SWAT team is starting to come together.---C. Demareski

20 I received the new Totenkopf & National helmet decals today ...WOW! They're really sweet. I put in a good word at the 1/6th Division for you.---Gregg

21 Hey, the Tough Eyes work GREAT!!! I wish I had done that a long time ago.---Rich

22 Hi Mark, My replacement decals for the GI Joe space capsule arrived today. They look great! Thanks for the comic book too! I have mailed in another order and really admire your products! Thanks so much!---Andy Northern, Memphis, TN

23 Mark, received the Big Trapper Decals from you a few days ago and I am totally pleased, and impressed with the great quality....especially the cardboard backed computer panels for the back guys do great work.Thanks for putting out an excellent product.---Brian (Sgt.) Fink

1 The sandbags are awesome!!!!----D. Aragon

2 Greetings! I've got the items today. Great stuff! I loooooooveeeeeeeeeee the laptop computer and the fire extinguisher is excellent!---M. Jesmel

3 I have a friend who ordered a huge SA flag from you guys, one comment... It Doesn't Get Any Better Than That!!!---D. Lee

4 Mark, just wanted to let you know that the Adventure Team flag arrived.It is awesome! I'm looking forward to future transactions :)---Anthony in VA

5 Dear Mark,The "mule train" USPS pulled up today with my order of sandbags, flags, patches, and decals; all of which are awesome. I wasn't sure if I'd ordered enough but they are plenty big--and really well made. Here's a photo featuring a few of your products. Your sandbags are pure genius. PHOTO1 PHOTO2 Thanks again!---Phil

6 G'day Mark, I purchased some decals and a couple of german fire extinguishers off you. They're brilliant I am one very happy customer. Cheers,---Glenn Chapman

7 Mark, The Royal Navy flag arrived today, and it's a beauty! Since Gary Kay turned me on to some of your Union Jack shoulder patches I will have to place another order soon. Thanks,---Rich

8 I purchased 12 of your sandbags a while back as a test case and I have to tell you they are the best sandbags ever for my backyard wars/photoshoots. Keep up the great work.---Brett

Wow! What a fantastic assortment! I've just discovered the Patches of Pride website and I'm like the kid in the candy store. As a 20yr US Army Reservist I can't tell you how pleased I was to see that the scope of your selection includes active divisions that became Reserve and National Guard divisions as well as those that remain part of the Active Army component. I was glad to see the Medical Brigade patches and insignia, not just the armbands, since various 1/6 scale uniform suppliers now offer a wide range of Medical and Nurse Corps sets including hospital duty uniforms, fatigues/HBTs. I will try not to drool too obviously on my laptop keyboard.

As to the way I found your site, it was a sponsorship link on the web page announcing the SSRG Third Annual Show/ Contest in CT. I hope your generosity is attracting other potential customers. I think it's great that you are helping to develop this kind of activity for collectors and aficionados. I'm continuing to make my wish-list of future selections; the need grows stronger each time I visit your site. (Not all of us are guys- I've had a 30+yr fascination with 1/6 scale and with smaller scale collectible figures before that.)---Sheila L.

2 Mark, I am very excited about getting your products. I've been in the 1/6 scale hobby for over a year now (specializing in WWII). More than once I've said to myself "Man I wish there was a company out there that made professional quality decals, chevrons, and unit patches for these figures". In fact, I stumbled on your site quite by accident. I was looking for a site that could give me a good picture of what the 101st Airborne helmet insignias looked like. I was planning on painting on the spade emblems. I can't tell you the joy I had when I discovered Patches of Pride. I couldn't believe it. Then I saw the quality of your stuff and I realized that my days of making homemade decals and patches had come to an end....Thanks again for all your help. You'll definitely be getting more orders from me in the future. You have an OUTSTANDING website. I didn't know that this stuff even existed for 1/6 scale figures. I'm like a kid in a candy store....I'm just tickled pink that I found a company that specializes in this, and also one that is willing to take suggestions. For me Patches of Pride is a dream come true.----R. Fischer

3 Hi Mark, Love your site!! Keep up the great work,----R. G.

4 I forgot to tell you how much I enjoy your stuff. As soon as I can I want to get the kits you have for my German kubel, schwimmer and motorcycle. I think some of your stuff is just amazing! Anyway thank for responding and I hope one day you will be up there with, as you say,"the big boys"!----E. Cougar

5 You've got some great stuff and have always been excellent to work with; can't wait to see what pops up next!----K. Middleton

6 Greetings. I have been collecting dragon figs for about 2 years now and I just happened to stumble upon your website. Awesome!----P. Manning

7 As I have said in previous e-mails you do some incredible work and your product is A-1 in my book. Thanks.----G. Rios

8 Hi Mark, I'm from Italy. First of all, I want to do to you the compliments for your site. It is very good. There are a lot of patches and they are all very well done.----A. Mainenti

9 Mark, I got the decals and patches along with all the extras! Thank you so much! Your stuff if great!----L. Latham

10 Mark, My initial impressions are that you have a top notch product and I look forward to dealing with you in the future. Thanks,----V. Gentile

11 I REALLY LOVE your products. Thank you for answering my inquiry----Most places ignore you------I feel like a horses butt for bothering you over such a small order.-----You have some of the coolest stuff for sale I've ever seen---( And when your product gets a 62 year old man to use the word "cool" THAT'S something). The patches & decals i have got from you so far are OUTSTANDING the decals in particular go right on & can be moved on surface without breaking. I am using a high grade Model RR super glue type adhesive for the patches which works extremely well & the patches are WONDERFUL! Highly detailed. You will hear from me soon. As I had said right now I'm using my money to buy men but after i get a good initial group I'm going to send you a big order Many thanks.----D. Birney

12 Hey Mark, I just received my order of WWII patches and decals yesterday. They are everything I thought they would be and more. One word sums it all up - SUPERB !! The level of detail on the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagle patch was stunning. What impressed me even more than the shoulder patch, was how well the Airborne Decals looked on the helmets. I followed your instructions to the letter including applying 2 coats of dull-coat and WOW, what results. The decals appeared to "melt" into the rough texture of the helmet to give the appearance of a painted emblem. Incredibly impressive!! My "Band of Brothers" figure turned out GREAT (museum quality, I believe), and your patches and decals made the difference. GREAT products and GREAT service !!!! My days of making homemade patches and decals truly are OVER !!!----R. Fisher

13 Hi Mark, ...I am VERY happy with the patches and will be ordering more! Yes, I do have a keen eye for detail; I've been a modeler for over 30 years and have experimented with every form of markings imaginable. I put a great deal of time into my pieces and only want the best markings for them. I guess you could say I am downright anal about it, but that's the way I am :) When I saw you had these markings already available, naturally I thought I'd try them to save me the time and expense in creating my own. Thank you again for your attention and professional service; I WILL recommend you to my 1/6 buddies :) Cheers,----A. Koribani II

14 Mark: Thanks for the SUPER quick response - BTW, those replacement decals for the Trapper and MSV look fricken' awesome. Been looking to buy a half-way decent Trapper, but still enjoy having my MSV. Once I can afford them, adding replacement stickers will be most excellent..I loved the Action Gear AT patches, but I'll probably start ordering yours for my 'team'. Thanks for the great website pics as well!----D. Bolter

15 Mark, I just received my latest order. I apologize that my bank account had insufficient funds for the credit card to process. I greatly appreciate that you made the order free. TREMENDOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE !! I work in customer service myself so I appreciate good customer service when I see it.

16 In addition to allowing this to be a free order, you gave me more than what I ordered. You did that on my last order too. Once again, it is greatly appreciated !!! THANKS AGAIN for the great service and GREAT patches !!!----R. Fisher

17 The blue/gray Kettenkrad and MUTT look great. One of these days I'll get around to putting the decals on my cargo carrier and tan Kettenkrad. I've also outfitted my WWII GIs with chevrons. The German Heer and SS troops are also outfitted. The rank insignia really sets off the uniforms. Nothing is worse than having a squad full of private "No-Stripers". At least now I have some NCOs. Thanks again for providing us older "boys with toys" with such quality items as yours. I've enjoyed each and everyone of them.---R. Mason

18 Hello Mark, Order arrived today. Amazing stuff! Still going over all of the incredible items. Looks like I'll be at the work bench for quite some time! Thanks again for all of your help. I'll be recommending your awesome items to all of my 1/6th collecting friends. Take care,---Alex A.

19 I have bought stuff from you before, yer stuff is AWESOME! Thanks alot.---J. Shockey

20 Hi, Just surfed onto your website and been absolutely blown away by what I saw and the quality of your products. I have an Ultimate Soldier AH-6 and intend to purchase your Littlebird Cockpit Conversion Kit in the near future. Keep up the good work!---F. Loupe

21 Great products, great prices and the absolute best customer service. Mark is totally committed to making his customers happy. Don't hesitate to order from POP.---R. Alma

22 Very professional! Price-wise, PoP may seem a bit expensive, but I'm convinced the product received is worth every cent . Thank you once again.---G.Goh

23 Hello!! I just visited your web site, and........ WOW!!!!! Unbelievable is a lame description. I thought I was dreaming. You now have given me a new group of figures to make! Thank you.---D. Swanson

24 Just want to say, you guys do a great job and I refer people to you all the time. Thanks and hope you have a great new year!!---D. Harris

25 Hey! I just discovered your website, and I'm completely impressed with it! What an exceptional selection you offer, not to mention, an invaluable service to the many Collectors of Military Action Figures out here, of which I am one. My specific area of interest is Vintage G.I. Joe, and, at the moment, I am focusing on improving, and expanding my collection of ADVENTURE TEAM Figures, and accessories, which is what has brought me here to your impressive site. I'm certain that I will be requiring your services much in the very near future, as I acquire more AT Vehicles, and the need to adjourn them with all of the proper insignias.---J. Beck

26 Hi I have purchased some of your products and think they are great.---Richard

27 I received your package today and everything is great. Thank you so very much.---Gordon

28 A big thank-you goes out to Mark and Patches of Pride. I'm thinking I'll pick up some of those nifty instrument panel decals they offer for my Little Bird, or maybe even the whole interior conversion.---J.S. York

29 You guys got great stuff at your website, ordered a couple in the past, love em.---Malvin Y.

30 I truly appreciate all of your help and especially the fantastic items that you have made available! Thanks again,---A. Alonso

31 I love the unique products you provide for customizers! Great service you provide...---N.Apalis

32 Big props to you for providing this service. I've watched your offerings grow over the years and they look great.---Dave Gaysunas

33 Hello, I have seen the detail of your creations, and am amazed. ---M. Johansen

34 Hey!!! Got the patches and decals!!! SUPERB!!! ---Hank Johnson

35 I use Patches of Pride eagles etc. for enlisted men. They [PoP] also have great armbands and cuff-titles.---Ronald, Ron-Pur:Jedi #5

36 I am so glad you guys are out there. I just started putting together a collection and was wanting my fathers patches and rank from WW2 and my brothers current patches. Wow, came across you by luck will be putting together an order soon. Keep it up!---M. Foss

37 I was lucky to find your site and you have some really great stuff!!!! You have a great site. It's bookmarked permanent!---R. Williams

38 Patches of Pride, I absolutely love your range of products. As a customizer, I find that your website offers a very wide range of possibilities to help one arrive at the degree of authenticity and detail that one might want. I really like the new decals and detailing sets for kettenkrads-truly a godsend! Keep up with the great product lines. It is truly a wonderful time for the hobby, especially with companies like you doing what you do, and doing it so well. All the best,---N. Ramos

39 Mark, Just wanted to say thank you. I received my order from Patches of Pride today and everything is great! I look forward to doing more business with you and Patches of Pride.---K. Cusano

40 Thanks for taking the time read my suggestions and responding. Not too many customizers like yourself (or larger companies for that matter) actually takes the time read and respond to a suggestion. Keep producing "authentic" 1:6 scale accessories and patches without compromise.---C. Kim, Delta Force

41 Just wanted to say I got my order and the stuff is great!---P. Coppola

42 You make the best products I have ever seen! Impressive, most impressive...Thanks for the patches, they are better than I could have hoped for. I will spread the word about your web site.---M. Bivins

43 You guys kick butt! :`)---Shane

44 What a good company. We will make business !!! Thank you---Fabrice from Belgium

45 Dear Sirs, I have been a 1:6 scale customizer for 20 years. Your stuff is the best I've seen. Dave Tedesco from Patch Hut gave me your website address. ... Sincerely,---C. Kearn, Classic Armored Vehicles

46 First part of the week I got a package from "Patches of Pride". In it was the decal set for my Schwimmwagon and a Memphis Bell patch for the back of a jacket. I put the patch a pilot leather jacket and put together a awesome Memphis Bell Pilot. This turned out to be a very authentic set. Hats off to Patches of Pride. A little work (very little) and less than $8 for the patch, now do not have to spend $200 to get the Club Exclusive. I going to go ahead and order the "Flying Tiger" patch. Well, after giving the Schwimmwagon a paint Job I added the decals (not hard at all) and now my SS have a battle worthy Schwimmwagon. Once again Hats off. I can highly recommend "Patches of Pride" to all. Thanks.---Mitch

47 I got my order on Saturday, the Battle Bread is great..I also put the decals on the Little Bird chopper and it looks great.I did buy Clear coat by Krylon and it looks good when it is sprayed on over the decals.I do appreciate the new license plates.I have to say the decals make a world of difference on the appearance on the vehicles. I just love the Flying Tiger patch set it is great, I also love the MP & Medic arm bands they are terrific. Thanks again.----V. Gagliano

48 I have to thank you for such excellent products. I love the patches and the decals both. The patches were a cinch to put on, and look great. I haven't put the decals on yet, but they look awesome. Thanks again for the great service.---S. Fitch

49 You've got some fantastic stuff, and I can see each week as you update your site, that I will probably be spending more and more money on stuff.---Joe Pelot

50 I received my order and am quite pleased. Thank you for taking the time with me on the phone to answer all my questions. I am sure that I will do more business with you. Take care and God bless.---J. Flaviani

51 Mark, I just visited your website and felt inclined to compliment you on such a great site. I am glad I have a source for my decals and patches. I really like the vehicle accessories section. Last year I saw some figures at a local gun show and haven't stopped buying them since. I have been buying from dealers that have been going out of business and creating my own custom figures and recently started to sell them at shows. I am happy to say I have gotten a big response. Keep up the good work. Regards---Mark Kollmer

52 I'd like to say how pleased I am with Mark's work. His cuff titles are well done and his decals are totaly bitch'n! I've used some of each to widen the marking on my 3rd SS Divishion Totenkopf troops and really make them stand out. I do custom uniforms and getting "hard to find" markings is easy at Patches of Pride! Thanks for the great service.---Big Lizard

53 Mark, Wow, you have sure impressed the heck out of me! Thanks so much for the extra items above and beyond my order. The quality of the patches, and helmet decals is absolutely outstanding. I've purchased Luftwaffe collar tabs online from eBay, and was expecting items of the same ilk from P.o.P. Well, I'm happy to say that I now know what REAL quality is! Your product is absolutely superior to what I've purchased before. I have a relatively small and focused collection, so I don't have a need for custom patches and such often. But I can promise you that your my sole supplier from now on. I can't wait to see the new and improved web site, and all the new Luftwaffe items I hope you'll be carrying. Thanks Again!---Matt Pachuilo

54 Good evening from France! Your shipping has arrived across Atlantic. Items are great ! Hope to come back to you for further orders. Best regards,---Jean-Marc FERRAUD

I just received the Japanese patches yesterday and they look GREAT! It was nice of you to include those extra items too. I want to thank you for this.---Mark

2 I received my patches today in the mail....thank you very much they look wonderful!!!---G. McIntosh

3 Hi Mark. I feel you have the BEST patches above all other competition, and will be coming back to you for all my future patch needs! The patches are TOP NOTCH, and Thanks again for all your help in trying to make patches the way i want them. Your the BEST!!----Matt

4 Just wanted to let you know that I received my patch order yesterday. Wow! I am really impressed! I can't wait to get started with customizing. Thanks!---G. Wise

5 The kids that are serving with us, like little "Spartans", and are very outstanding kids, with a predictable GREAT success future. They love their GI JOEs and GI JANEs, 12" tall AND real life! They will now be able to put their 21st Group FLASH on their GI JOEs "Green Berets." On behalf of US actual Green Beret Master Instructors, and on behalf of these kids (and I believe that they can trust US as advocates and communicators for them), I Thank You!---A. Kaffenberger

6 Thanks alot, Mark. I received my latest batch of patches yesterday. Top quality as always. A few photos are winging their way to ya, see what you think. I tend to use mostly Dragon models but there are a few assorted Joes and 21st C in there too, all looking alot smarter with their Patches of Pride! Thanks again!----S. Capell

7 Your German patches always improved the look of my figures. I hope I will be able to do same with the new British figures as well!----K. Roques

8 I have used just about everyone out there for individual patches in the past, and have always swayed to the ones you make, I like the colors, especially the subdued colors, truer color.----Dave M.

9 I just received my patches in the mail.I saw the extras you threw in. I really appreciate it, and thank you very much. My brother's gonna love 'em.Thanks again!----John

10 Hi: I received the patches today. They are excellent! Thank you for the extras.----M. Maurigi

11 Mark, I have just received the patches, and let me say first, the quality is beyond reproach.They both look awesome. ----R. Shedd

12 I received my patches today in the post and they look great!!. I look forward in buying more from you in the future.----D. deVignat

13 Once again, GREAT products. FYI, I showed the 10th Mountain Division figure I created to a relative who served with the 10th Mountain in Kosovo. He was incredibly impressed with the patches. He said to me, "What did they do, take the actual patches and shrink them down physically?!" Your patches are VERY impressive!----R. Fisher

14 Mark, I received your patches today and they look excellent, not to mention that there are a few more there than I ordered :) Thanks for another great deal, and I look forward to future purchases.----D. Koppel

15 Hi, Mark: the patches I ordered from POP have arrived and they are great--much superior to others I have seen. You do astounding and detailed work. Thanks very much.----J. Krebs

16 Hey Patches for pride folks, I received the Ghost Recon Patches and I just wanted to let you know they are awesome.Again you guys impress!---J. Shearer

17 The patches I already got from you are FANTASTIC!! EXCELLENT job ! NO trouble putting patches on at all. I used Model RR superglue type adhesive & they went & stayed right on.!!!!!!!!!---D.Birney

18 Just received today....a patch for my german medic, and a blue Africa cuff title for my dak pilot, I have to say that they are quite impressive, and PoP shipped really quick...things like this really complete a figure nicely...---irish70

19 Hello there Patches for Pride! I bought some patches a few months ago and I love them.---Jeff

20 Just received my order of a reversed American Flag patch and 2 NYPD patches. The flag patch is perfect. I'm a big fan of your products.---Ray

21 When I found your site I was really impressed with the detail of your scaled down patches. Unreal!---Joe

22 I have some of your patches someone gave me awhile back, and they are terrific.---C.Martin

23 Thanks for the Patches. When I need some more Patches you know who I will be Calling on. Thanks again---Matt

24 Thanks for the fast shipment of my order. All the patches are really first class. Regards,---J. Rey, Madrid, SPAIN

25 Thanks for the awesome patches you make. I used your 82d ABN patch, rank, name tapes, US army and Airborne wing/Combat infantry badge and a few others. Thanks again.---M. Bivins

26 I recently got patches from you ("Seal Team Six" ones). Well I like them a lot they look very good, it seems like someone really spent time and put a lot of effort into making them...Thanks for the patches again. I'll send some pictures if you would like some of the Joes in action. ---Chris

27 The SS patches worked great, btw. Thanks so much.---G. Reed (T.O.M.B.! Raider)

28 I ordered 75TH Infantry WW2 Patches and Black Panthers WW2. My Dad was 75th and I am making a custom GIJOE for him for Christmas and my friend's Uncle was [also] with the Panthers. He will be getting a custom Joe for Christmas as well. The patches look great! I can't wait to assign these guys. Thanks.---J. Eberhart

29 I received my order yesterday. Thanks a bunch! I also really appreciate the $5.00 gift coupon. I will use it very soon with my next order. I am very happy with the patches and look forward to putting them on. Thanks again.---M. Jarrett

30 Hey!!! Got the patches and decals!!! SUPERB!!!---Hank Johnson

31 I use Patches of Pride eagles etc. for enlisted men. They [PoP] also have great armbands and cuff-titles.---Ronald, Ron-Pur:Jedi #5

32 Thanks for the awesome products you make. I used your 82nd ABN patch, rank, name tapes, US army and Airborne wing/Combat infantry badge and a few others. Thanks again.---M. Bivins

33 Just letting you know I received my POLICE patch merchandise today, and I am VERY pleased with it. You made a great 1:6 scale patch that will add the perfect touch to my figure. A very happy customer!---J. Soeda

34 I received the patches yesterday. They are GREAT! I made my first corporal and those patches went on so nice. The 45th patch had to be glued over the "Dragon version." Now that you have your German patches ready, I think that next month I shall order several so that I have a few more acting corporals and corporals in my unit. Rest assured that I shall be doing business with you again. And I will be telling everyone I can about your company. When people see the patches I want to be able to hand them a brief flyer with your web address and such so that they can look at all that you carry.---M. Grove

35 I can't thank you enough for your kindness and generosity. I posted a notice about your new cuff titles on the 1/6th Warriors Board and you will no doubt be swamped with orders for these miniature works of art. One of the LSSAH cufftitles you are sending me will be proudly worn by a Dragon Michael Wittman figure for which I am having custom made a black panzer outfit . I hope you are well. All the best.---N. Ramos

36 I received my order today. Thanks! The patches and armbands are first rate. Look forward to doing business with you in the future. Take care.---E. Nickel

37 Thank you for the awesome patches, they are working out beautifully... Thank you again, for such great products.---R. Weiner

38 Ten Hut! Received my order and am impressed with the detail of the patches! Thanks again---R. Fischer

39 The patches arrived few days ago and they really look great. I love them! Thanks again very much , >=)---I. Lee

40 Got the sea sled windshield and AT patch. That was quick, thanks! The AT patch is fantastic and looks really good. Great job on this item.---C. Whiting

41 Finally, someone is offering cufftitles of the highest quality! Each one looks so sharp and authentic that I find it hard to believe you didn't just zap the real items with a sci-fi shrink ray of some sort. It certainly opens up possibilities for customized figures that I never considered before because of the (up until now) sad lack of these items. Also please consider the inclusion into your product line lengths of the red, white, and black ribbon that comes with the WW2 German Iron Cross. If anyone can do it right, I know you can. All the best.---N. Ramos, New York City

42 I'm right in the middle of a couple of customs at the moment and these cufftitles are truly a godsend. One of the things I'm currently working on is a black panzer outfit for Dragon's Michael Wittman figure. He will wear one of your cufftitles with pride.I can't thank you enough for your kindness and generosity. It is truly people such as yourself that make this odd little hobby of ours all the more fun. I look forward to doing quite a bit of business with you from now on. You are one class act, my friend!---N. Ramos, New York City

43 Hi, my USAF subdued senior master and chief stripes arrived today, outstanding! I can't wait to put together a figure for my boss! I'm sure we'll do business again as the reserve unit I'm in is the largest in the Air Force and I'm sure after the guys see the figure I'm putting together they'll be jealous. The patches are outstanding, thanks for everything.---D. Davis, 349th CES USAFR

44 Hi, I am delighted with my first order! Take a look at the figure I have done using your cuff title & SS sleeve insignia! He turned out rather well !---D. Griffiths, United Kingdom

45 I appreciate all your help and I'd like to commend you on your patches--they're the best I've ever seen. I've never seen anything quite like them. I'm in the Army and the guys in my office are like 'Holy Crap! That stuffs awesome!' I appreciate all of your hard work.---M. Bivins, U.S. Army Recruiting

46 Hi Mark, I received the bandolier flag holder today. Your POP products really enhance my dioramas and figures. Love your stuff!!---K. Owyoung

47 I have been getting requests for SWAT patches, especially LAPD and will be referring customers to your web site.---Arlene, 21st Century Toys Customer Service Manager

48 I was really impressed with the Flying Tiger and Memphis Belle patches. They look great. You guys are fast too. Again, thanks for the great product and fantastic service. Sincerely,-----S. Martin

49 I am a member of the 34th Bomb Squadron represented by the patch! The squadron has a very distinguished history starting with the raids on Tokyo when several volunteers flew with Jimmy Doolittle. The actual raid was made by members of the 34th (Thunderbirds), the 37th Bomb Squadron and another (i can't remember off the top of my head). Doolittle was put in charge of the whole deal, but really wasn't a member of any of the squadrons. He flew on a 34th plane because the pilot got sick. We have the Ships bell from the U.S.S. Hornet as a squadron heirloom. I have been trying to make a B-25 pilot/Doolittle Raider Joe for a while, so when I saw the patch.......I was gong to hand paint it on the jacket, but your patch works 10 times better!----A. Bauer

50 I enjoy your products, they are very detailed and well made. I have purchased your LAPD SWAT patches with great joy as I am an officer with this department. Keep up the good job.---R. Ramirez

51 I received the patches and name tapes today. Excellent work! I've been building customized 12' military figures now for about 10 years and your work is the best I've seen yet! Thanks for sending them out so quickly! I'll shop again!---Lee

52 Hi, I got the patches today, they look very professional. They will look great on my figure! I will definatly come back for future customs.Thanks!---Laura

53 Hey,Mark. I just wanted to say thanks for the patches. They turned out geat. I'll keep coming back for all my custom requests.---Gene Minger

54 Hey Mark, just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I received the patches and they are simply bad ass!! They look freakin outstanding!! Good to go on those buddy, thanks.---Daniel

55 Hi Mark, Just wanted to let you know that I got the patches in the mail yesterday and that they are awesome! I'm very pleased with all of them--the Jaeger patches are just like originals shrunk down to 1/6th. I'd also like to mention I'm particularly pleased with the 90th Infantry patch. I've seen 90th patches done by other guys and the colors on them seem wrong (perhaps they're using a more modern configuration of the patch, I don't know). Your 90th patch matches the coloring on an original that I have perfectly. I'm working up a 1/6th replica of a relative of mine who was in the 90th Div in WW2 so it will certainly go in a place of pride. Thanks again,---Dave Carty

56 Hey Mark: I received the patches, today! Thank you so much for the freebies! I am adding one of those Texas Flag patches to the Dallas-Fort Worth Collectors Club Helicopter Pilot's uniform. When completed, I will post photos at the Trenches. Thank you for offering so many wonderful, cloth patches, at a realistic scale. Your prices are great, too!---Gordon

57 Mark: I was blown away yesterday when I came home and received my order. You the man!! (smile). My airmen look 100% better. Im working on a GI Joe to represent my father. I will send you pics soon!! Thanks! ---Don

58 Mark, This is awesome work you do! The "British War Correspondent" shoulder epaulets are terrific--the quality is superb, the graphic lettering crisp and clear--these are just going to be perfect. And thank you so much for the extras! It gives me a hell of a lot more confidence to do a practice run and get it right before tackling the actual uniform. As both a 1/6th scale hobbyist and an editor with engineering training, let me just say how much I think you help your customers by including the color instruction sheet that lists, in clear, concise detail, how to use the patches, how to detail them, and how to glue them down without making a total hash of the job. All too often in this hobby I run into people who assume that "if you've gotten this far, you of course know how to do X" and never bother to explain it. As an example? I wanted to transfer a flocked GiJoe head to a new super-articulated body, and so dipped the head in boiling water to loosen it ... which of course loosened not only the head from the neck-post, but also the flocking from the head! The guy who wrote the instructions on making the head transfer deliberately skipped over "head removal" instructions, even saying that he did so on the grounds that it must be common knowledge in the hobby -- which resulted in me screwing up one of my figures. So, when I saw your detailed instructions, I had to write and let you know just how helpful they are going to be to guys like me, who may be great at something like building a 1/6 scale house with 1/6 scale nails and plywood, but seriously are noobs with no idea of how to remove that pesky parachutist badge from the Denison smock or what kind/brand of glue is best to apply a patch (let alone *how* to apply it!) to the uniform.* Thanks again!---Joseph Benedetto *Seriously, iron the uniform before applying the patch? Smart! But -I- would never have thought of doing that.

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