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DESCRIPTION (Please read):
The items shown on this page are high quality MINIATURE decals for use with 12" action figures such as GIjOE, Action Man, Dragon, etc. They are not intended for use with full-size (i.e. real person) vehicles or equipment. Each miniature decal is authentic in its reduced scale, style and color, and is printed onto professional-quality waterslide or peel-n-stick decal stock. No adhesives are required. Complete installation instructions included.


LAPD Cruiser or Paddywagon
2 Door Decal Set
(Available in both waterslide and peel-n-stick versions)

Convert any 1/6th scale vehicle into an LAPD police cruiser for "paddywagon" with these cool door decals! You'll receive all the decals you see above. Each set is created from brand-new artwork in full-color, and printed onto professional-grade peel-n-stick or waterslide decal paper. Designed to go onto WHITE colored doors only, so remember to paint your outer door areas white before installing. Complete installation instructions included with all sets.

Item #PDEC1, $17.95
(peel-n-stick clear decal set)

Item #PDEC2, $19.95
(SuperClear Protected peel-n-stick glossy decal set)

Item #PDEC3, $24.95
(ProSeries waterslide decal set)
(w/FREE shipping to addresses within the U.S!)

LAPD Cruiser or Paddywagon
Miscellaneous Decal Set
(Available in both standard glossy and
SuperClear protected peel-n-stick versions)

Complete your 1/6th scale LAPD custom vehicle with these exciting exterior and interior decals. You get (2) of the 9-1-1 decals, (2) license plate decals and (1) highly detailed dash cluster decal. We highly recommend the SuperClear protected version for its superior durability, but if you won't be handling the vehicle very much, then the standard glossy or ProSeries waterslide versions will work great too. Complete installation instructions included with all sets.

Item #PDEC4, $17.95
(glossy peel-n-stick decal set)

Item #PDEC5,$19.95
(SuperClear protected peel-n-stick glossy decal set)

Item #PDEC6, $24.95
(ProSeries waterslide decal set)
(w/FREE shipping to addresses within the U.S!)

Paramedic Ambulance
Vehicle Decal (BIG 2" dia.)
(ProSeries waterslide)

Quickly convert any vehicle into a Canadian or European-style ambulance with this BIG (2" diameter!) Paramedic decal. Each is created from brand-new artwork in full-color (red/green/ black/ white), and printed onto professional-grade waterslide decal paper. You must trim this decal out, soak it in water and then slide it off its backing paper into position. Seal with some clearcoat and you're done! Complete installation instructions included.


Item #PDEC7, (ProSeries waterslide only), $8.95
(w/FREE shipping to addresses within the U.S!)

Montreal (CANADA) Police Helmet Decals
Perfect for the sides of black kevlar helmets.
(ProSeries waterslide, white)

Item #PDEC8, $2.95
(w/FREE shipping to addresses within the U.S!)

CUSTOMS shield decal (BIG 2" wide!)
Perfect for bullet-proof shields or vehicles (black or OD)
(ProSeries waterslide, yellow)

Item #PDEC9, $4.95
(w/FREE shipping to addresses within the U.S!)

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Patches of Pride products are manufactured in 1/6th scale for use with 12 inch action figure toys like GIjOEs--not for use on full-size real uniforms worn by human beings. These products are accurate (miniature) recreations of historical artifacts, some related to the Axis powers of WWII. Patches of Pride / Toylectibles / Sterling Creative Group however, and the individuals connected with the manufacture of these products do not endorse nor subscribe to the philosophies or beliefs of Nazism. Quite the contrary. Our miniature products are intended for the use of FREEDOM-LOVING toy and action figure collectors, military hobbyists, militaria enthusiasts and historians around the world in the completion of their dioramas, or other such miniature 1/6th scale historical displays---and not for any other purpose. We do NOT sell nazi-related merchandise to customers with addresses in Germany. The use of photos in this website showing vintage GIJoes or Barbies or other such toys, or the GIjOE, Hasbro, Mattel (or other) logos is not meant to indicate an endorsement by any of those companies.

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