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PLEASE NOTE: This comedy legend has NOT endorsed our products.

DESCRIPTION (Please read):
The items shown on this page are high-quality MINIATURE cloth patches for use with 1:6 scale (12") action figures such as GIjOE, Action Man, Dragon, etc. They are not intended for use with full-size (i.e. real person) uniforms. Each miniature patch is authentic in its reduced scale, style and color. Some are available in alternate color versions (subdued, desert, etc.) if so indicated. Some are also available in both standard "trim-n-glue" and velcro-backed versions (if so indicated). Please select your preferred colors and styles when ordering.

Due to our constantly growing inventory, we are unable to always present patches in their logical alphabetical or numerical order. Therefore, if you cannot find a particular patch or decal, we suggest that you use our advanced Super Search engine (provided below). This will help you quickly locate the patch you desire. THANKS!

AND FINALLY...Due to the large amount of patches we sell, the images shown below are in black and white (and very LOW resolution) to speed their load time. By contrast, the actual patches you'll receive are all in FULL, glorious color with super sharp details! (See close-up photos at right.)

PLEASE NOTE: These actors have NOT endorsed our products.


USO Camp Shows
Item #PMISC41, $1.95

United Service Organization
Item #PMISC42, $1.95

Bob Hope U.S. Navy
Custom Pilot Nametag
(blue/yellow) pocket PATCH
Item #PMISC43, $1.95

Imperial Stormtroopers
(sleeve) PATCH
Item #PMISC44, $1.95

NCIS Federal Agent
(large back) PATCH
#PMISC45, $3.95

NCIS Federal Agent
(center chest) PATCH
#PMISC46, $2.95

NCIS Federal Pocket
(pocket) PATCH
#PMISC47, $1.95

National Park Service
(sleeve) PATCH
#PMISC48, $1.95

(v.1 round)
International Security
Assistance Force
sleeve PATCH, $1.95
Item #PMISC49

(v.2 rectangle)
International Security
Assistance Force
sleeve PATCH, $1.95
Item #PMISC50

Project HERCULES X-1
red/black (sleeve)
cloth PATCH, $1.95

Project HERCULES X-1
red/black (sleeve)
peel-n-stick clear plastic
EMBLEM, $1.95

Diver Down SCUBA
red/white (sleeve)
cloth PATCH, $1.95

French Foreign Legion
burgandy/teal (sleeve)
cloth PATCH, $1.95

Canadian Air Force
red/white/blue (sleeve)
cloth PATCH, $1.95

French Air Force
red/white/blue (sleeve)
cloth PATCH, $1.95

Taiwan Air Force
white/blue (sleeve)
cloth PATCH, $1.95

U.S. Customs
white/blue (sleeve)
cloth PATCH, $1.95

cloth PATCH, $1.95

Australian Air Force
red/white/blue (sleeve)
cloth PATCH, $1.95

Miscellaneous Cloth Patches, $1.95 each

Miscellaneous LARGE back / chest Patches, $3.95 each
(Free shipping to addresses within the U.S.)



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Patches of Pride products are manufactured in 1/6th scale for use with 12 inch action figure toys like GIjOEs--not for use on full-size real uniforms worn by human beings. These products are accurate (miniature) recreations of historical artifacts, some related to the Axis powers of WWII. Patches of Pride / Toylectibles / Sterling Creative Group however, and the individuals connected with the manufacture of these products do not endorse nor subscribe to the philosophies or beliefs of Nazism. Quite the contrary. Our miniature products are intended for the use of FREEDOM-LOVING toy and action figure collectors, military hobbyists, militaria enthusiasts and historians around the world in the completion of their dioramas, or other such miniature 1/6th scale historical displays---and not for any other purpose. We do NOT sell nazi-related merchandise to customers with addresses in Germany. The use of photos in this website showing vintage GIJoes or Barbies or other such toys, or the GIjOE, Hasbro, Mattel (or other) logos is not meant to indicate an endorsement by any of those companies.

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