Lunar Recon Vehicle (LRV) Solar Panel Decal Set

Upgrade your Planet 51 Rover Solar Panels in Minutes!

DESCRIPTION (Please read):
The solar panel decal set shown on this page is made of very high-quality peel-n-stick holographic stock, pre-cut and ready to install in just minutes. It is precision designed for use with the Planet 51 rover toy and helps quickly converts any plain rover into a realistic NASA Lunar Recon Vehicle (LRV). There are no additional supplies or adhesives required.

Specifically, this decal set has been designed to complement the unadorned Rover toy from the Planet 51 line of toys (see picture at right). Simply peel and stick down. Complete installation instructions are included with every set.

This decal set is recommended for display and light play purposes only. Recommended for use by adults or with adult supervision. Do not submerge your toy in water after these decals have been applied. Vehicles shown in photos are not included but can regularly be found on ebay, amazon, etc. It's time to power up your P51 ROVER!


LRV Solar Panel decal set (3 pre-trimmed peel-n-stick decals)
$11.95 (w/FREE shipping to addresses within the U.S!)



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