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Custom Multi-Figure Boxes

Our custom fantasy packages are all 1-of-a-kind, handcrafted items that are sold (or traded) only on a "Fan-to-Fan" basis.
Due to possible copyright restrictions, they cannot be produced in multiple quantities for the general public. See below for complete information.

DESCRIPTION (Please read):

Custom Multi-Figure boxes fall under the category of original art creation, which puts this type of project in our Custom Art Service category.

These babies are BIG! Over 2 feet long and 5" deep. They're reminiscent of those wonderful SEARS and JCPENNYS holiday playsets of yore, the ones you often drooled over, but probably never received. Our custom multi-figure boxes will make you think its Christmas 1969 all over again!

Constructed of the highest quality materials, each box is truly a one-of-a-kind creation. We've all dreamed of various "What if?" sets that never made it to production. But now, your fondest dream can become a reality.

Sounds Great! How much does this service cost?

They're pricey. But you get what you pay for and a professional graphic artist is working just for you! The high-end lithos we apply look fantastic and all of the custom art time that's required to properly create these masterpieces can add up. Since we have to charge for the actual production and labor time (plus materials) required to create such custom figure boxes, the total costs can range between $200 to $300, depending on the work involved.

Still reading? Then you're probably serious about creating a custom multi-figure box and we'd love to produce it for you. GOOD NEWS! If money is a problem, we're willing to work with you to reach an alternative involving trading our graphic art services and fantasy packaging for other services or goods on a strictly non-cash, trade-only, NON-PROFIT basis. It's the time honored "fan-to-fan" exchange system known as bartering; a system that involves no money whatsoever.

If I decide to trade, what sort of trade goods are accepted?

We're always looking for vintage and modern toys (especially action figures and their related accessories and vehicles) including GIjOEs, Dragon, BBi, Sideshow , Major Matt Mason, Captain Action, etc., plus all types of pop culture memorabilia, old cereal boxes, games, etc. Feel free to offer anything you have and we'll try to come to an agreement.

Tell me more about your custom art services.

We specialize in the creation of unique graphic art and illustration. Our artwork is all newly-generated and of the highest professional standard. Each box's litho is printed from our own original art onto the highest quality glossy stock media. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact us today to discuss any custom artwork projects you'd like to "bring to life!"

Call (217) 337-1706 (Ask for Mark, 9AM-5PM CST)

Or email Mark at


The final fantasy packages provided to you are clearly labeled with a disclaimer such as this:

"This is a fantasy package created by Patches of Pride / Sterling Creative Group and is not an actual product nor produced in quantity. NOT FOR RETAIL SALE. For personal use only."

There are no exeptions. We will never intentionally create a fantasy package that can be mistaken as an actual existing item produced by any actual existing company.



Here's how our custom multi-figure boxes are produced:

1) We begin by selecting and customizing a main image for the front of the box.

2) Next, we create the right side panel graphics (just like on vintage "red toppers")
according to your specific requirements.

3) Each box is clearly marked in many places with various disclaimers and notices that the package is not a real product and is an unofficial "fantasy package."

4) Finally, we create the large graphics that go on the side panels. Each box is clearly marked as a one-of-a-kind custom-made box.
The final assembled box measures a whopping 24.5" x 14.5" x 5" deep
and can hold many figures and their assorted gear. Amazing!

This Crash Crew Rescue Squad can't believe how cool their new box is.
There's enough room in there for almost TWO squads!

Looking for something specific, but don't know where to start?

PLEASE NOTE: All credit card information and transactions are 100% secure. We currently accept the following forms of payment: PayPal, Mastercard, VISA, Discover, Money Orders, Personal Checks (allow 10 days clearance for checks). See your shopping cart during checkout for additional details.

Patches of Pride products are manufactured in 1/6th scale for use with 12 inch action figure toys like GIjOEs--not for use on full-size real uniforms worn by human beings. These products are accurate (miniature) recreations of historical artifacts, some related to the Axis powers of WWII. Patches of Pride / Toylectibles / Sterling Creative Group however, and the individuals connected with the manufacture of these products do not endorse nor subscribe to the philosophies or beliefs of Nazism. Quite the contrary. Our miniature products are intended for the use of FREEDOM-LOVING toy and action figure collectors, military hobbyists, militaria enthusiasts and historians around the world in the completion of their dioramas, or other such miniature 1/6th scale historical displays---and not for any other purpose. We do NOT sell nazi-related merchandise to customers with addresses in Germany. The use of photos in this website showing vintage GIJoes or Barbies or other such toys, or the GIjOE, Hasbro, Mattel (or other) logos is not meant to indicate an endorsement by any of those companies.

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